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Commercial Leasing, Third Edition [2017]

Editor-In-Chief, Joshua Stein
New York State Bar Association

This two-volume set covers the full range of commercial lease negotiations, with an emphasis on preventing unpleasant surprises and matching the lease to the overall business agendas of the parties. Highlights include: (1) a checklist for tenants and landlords on “silent lease issues” – i.e., subjects that many people may forget to think about – but expanded to encompass a general checklist for lease negotiations; (2) extensively updated sections on two vital matters: insurance and construction; (3) how to handle lease amendments, renewals, and credit issues; (4) expanded discussion on what a lender wants to see in a lease; (6) brokerage issues; (7) subleases; (8) nondisturbance agreements; and (9) a new chapter on the special agendas of big-box retail tenants contributed by Deborah L. Goldman, counsel at Joshua Stein PLLC and co-chair of the New York State Bar Association commercial leasing committee; and (10) an updated collection of statutes that affect commercial leases.

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